"There are times when you need an attorney to move the bureaucracy along. Heather has consistently shown her desire to understand what is best for my son and then push to make it happen. We worked together on numerous IEPs and twice filed for due process. Each time we emerged with a better more appropriate program for my son. I encourage others to take advantage of her counsel."
Chris R, Culver City​
"Ms. Zakson represented us on behalf of our 12 year old son who has Autism Spectrum Disorder and Epilepsy. Due to her representation, we reached a favorable settlement with the school district and our son is finally getting the much needed support that he deserves. I have no doubt that had it not been for Ms. Zakson, the district would have continued to conduct “business as usual,” and deny our request for services as they had since our son began attending the special education preschool in our district at the age of three. Ms. Zakson is not only exceptionally knowledgeable and skilled in the field of special education law, but also cares deeply about assisting students with special needs and helping their parents to get the services to which their children are entitled. Our experience with Ms. Zakson has been truly life-changing, for what began as a professional relationship impacted our lives in a deeply personal way."
EAB, Beverly Hills​
"We hired Heather after years of trying to get my son proper services at his school. We had been trying to navigate the system without much success. With her tremendous knowledge and guidance, we were able to secure much better services. She has a firm understanding of the law and great empathy for the family she serves. I especially appreciated the time she took to help me understand the process and consider resolutions I had not thought of. She is someone you want in your corner. Thought I would share this video with you. F… has come so far!"
SF, Agua Dulce​
“What I feel, that would also help other parents, is to know that Heather is an empathetic lawyer and a caring fellow Mom, who understood my concerns and encouraged me to keep up the good fight, throughout my time working with her. My family and I thank her with all we have for helping us get through such a tough situation. After she helped to win my case, Heather even encouraged me to continue my advocacy as a parent through Learning Rights Law Center’s- TIGER training program, that I now proudly attend. Heather Zakson is truly one of a kind!!”
Burbank, CA
“Special Education is a tricky matter, most parents learn how to navigate the system by talking to other parents and they go into early IEP meetings trusting that the school has their child’s best interest as a starting point. This could not be farther form the truth. Yes, the teachers and administrators care, but they are bound by and work for someone else, not your child. Services are delivered in a means that make fiscal sense, not what is most effective or appropriate. This is how education as whole works and Heather is your Super Hero to fight this wrong and make it as right as possible."
Santa Monica, CA
“I can’t thank you enough for your kindness, patience, support, professionalism and unwavering support and advocacy for our son — and our family – without you he and the whole family would’ve been facing a much more challenging life. You’re our hero!”
Redondo Beach, CA
“Dear Heather, Thank you for your support in helping my mom. We will always be grateful for your attention and help.”
Los Angeles, CA
“P. has begun school as well as starting his therapy services. He loves both and his mother and the rest of the family are ecstatic. While we know he has a long road ahead, we can already see real progress. I know you understand what a joy that is for all. And, we’re so grateful for the huge role you played in it.”
Los Angeles, CA
“I've worked with Ms. Zakson for several years. Her passion for and knowledge of student rights is rarely matched among educational advocates. She is a highly ethical, competent, and brilliant attorney and I give her my highest recommendation!"
Nicholas S. Thaler
Ph.D., ABPP-CN Board Certified in Clinical Neuropsychology Assistant Clinical Professor UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience & Human Behavior