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A school district will employ a whole department to “manage” its “population” of special education students. A child just has their parents. We can help level the playing field. How can we help you today?

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“IEP” stands for Individualized Education Program. IEPs should be individualized, support growth and learning, and provide a foundation for collaboration.

Due Process

“Due Process” is the term that’s used to describe legal procedures used to resolve a dispute between the family of a child with disabilities and the child’s school district.


Mediation is a meeting between the parties – the family and the school district – that is facilitated by a neutral mediator who helps both sides to move toward a resolution and settlement.


An Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) is performed by a qualified professional who does not work for the public school or school district.

Therapeutic Residential Placement

When your child is in crisis they may need intensive mental health support in a Therapeutic Residential Placement.

Adult Transition

Adult Transition describes the process of getting ready for adulthood, and the time period from the mid- to late teens.

About Attorney Heather Zakson

Heather S Zakson

Heather represents children and adults in special education, Regional Center and discrimination cases and provides expert consultation on special needs trusts and complex custody matters. She is widely recognized for her creativity and tenacity on behalf of children and adults whose rights have been violated and needs have gone unmet. She is a graduate of UCLA School of Law and Brandeis University, and a recipient of numerous recognitions including the Learning Rights Law Center’s Breaking Education Barriers award. 

“Yes, the teachers and administrators care, but they are bound by and work for someone else, not your child. Services are delivered in a means that make fiscal sense, not what is most effective or appropriate. This is how education as a whole works and Heather is your Superhero to fight this wrong and make it as right as possible.”
- Santa Monica, CA

Our Areas of Practice

Special Education

Compassionate, knowledgeable and effective representation to help families obtain what their children need from school districts and public agencies.

Special Needs Trusts/Estate Planning

Expert guidance to ensure that you have properly planned for your children's future, especially if you have a child with disabilities.

Disability & Children's Rights

Children with disabilities have broad protections under federal and state law. Understand your rights and obtain relief and compensation.

Regional Centers

California’s Regional Centers were established to provide a wide range of supports and services for people with developmental disabilities of all ages.

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