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Conservatorship & Supported Decision Making

Have you been told that you or your loved one needs a conservatorship? It’s important to know that conservatorship is not the only way to support and help an adult with disabilities! There are other options including Supported Decision Making.

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Dyslexia?  Your child can succeed in school!

Dyslexia is a prevalent learning disability. There are research-based interventions and teaching strategies that help children with dyslexia to overcome it. Children with dyslexia can and should receive these specialized interventions, through an IEP.

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Custody Disputes and Children with Special Needs

Children with disabilities have a right to a Free Appropriate Public Education. School districts have an affirmative obligation to seek out and serve students with disabilities. Parents have the right to advocate on behalf of their child to obtain the type of support they feel is beneficial for their child.

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Charter Schools: Know Your Rights

A charter school is a public school that provides free elementary and/or secondary education to eligible students under a specific charter executed, pursuant to a state charter school law, by an authorized agency/authority and that is designated by such authority to be a public charter school.

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Sesame Street: 50 Years of Disability Rights Advocacy

Sesame Street, the most influential children’s program ever, is 50 years old this year. The ground-breaking show will celebrate with a TV special to be aired on HBO and PBS this November and the Sesame Street cast took on a year-long 10-city road trip in 2019.

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IEP – what to know before you go

An IEP team must include the parents of the student, a regular education teacher, a special education teacher, a representative of the school district who is knowledgeable about the available resources, who can interpret assessment results, and in general is well-versed in the IEP process. Knowing as much as you can about what an IEP includes and what its purpose is will make you a more powerful parent-advocate.

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What is an IEE? And why is it so important?

An IEE is an Independent Educational Evaluation, performed by a qualified professional who does not work for the public school or school district. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) provides that parents of special education students have a right to an IEE when they disagree with the public school’s evaluation of their child.

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Questions and Answers about Regional Centers

Regional Centers provide support and services for individuals with developmental disabilities throughout California. Regional centers are nonprofit private corporations that contract with the Department of Developmental Services to provide or coordinate services and supports for individuals with developmental disabilities. They have offices throughout California to provide a local resource to help find and access the many services available to individuals and their families.

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Special Education: What are they talking about?

Special Education Terminology is Confusing! Especially because one term is often used to describe several different things. This handy glossary can help you understand what some common terms mean, and how they apply to your child’s situation.

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